So if you are looking for a good casino, you are in luck since Europa casino is the reference, this Canadian casino has been all the rage since 2001 that it exists and is only spreading its wings, since ” it offers interesting offers especially since its main goal is to be among the best casinos in the world if not the best casino, so all strategies have been put in place in order to ‘to get there, together we will find out what Europa casino is really worth.

The welcome bonus offered

It is with its welcome bonus which is absolutely out of the ordinary that Europa casino has made a resounding success, since the casino offers its players a welcome bonus of a value of $ 2,400 which is an absolutely colossal sum. You should know that this bonus extends over a period of one year, therefore from each payment each month for 12 months you will receive a bonus worth $ 100 with a bonus of $ 25 each week as a show of loyalty, which is absolutely awesome.

Promotions and offers

Apart from the welcome bonus, Europa casino allows you to win several interesting promotions and offers, in this case you can enjoy a bonus from your second deposit , all you have to do is make a deposit worth $ 20 in order to win a bonus of a value of $ 500. In addition you will have the possibility of winning free spins, more exactly 60 free spins all you have to do is make a deposit on Tuesday.

Also, you can benefit from a loyalty bonus depending on the percentage of your loyalty which will save you up to $ 250 . It should still be emphasized that these bonuses are only valid if they are placed 30 times.

The results and advantages of Europa casino

Europa casino has known how to win over its customers and that’s what we are going to do since the casino has several advantages which are:

  • Diverse games;
  • Casino security;
  • Enticing welcome bonus;
  • Interesting redistribution rates;
  • Speed ​​of payment.

Indeed, the casino has a game library of 1000 games x enough to diversify you as much as possible, it offers:

  • Scratch cards;
  • Slot machines;
  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Live dealer;
  • Video Poker.

Also, the security of the casino is not to be debated since it is completely in accordance with the rules. In addition, as you will have noticed this casino offers bonuses to benefit more from its casino experience. Then, the payout rate of this casino is 98.26% which put your chances on your side to the maximum. As for the payment, well it is done in a very fast way that is to say from 2 to 3 days of which benefit from your earnings as quickly as possible.

Europa Casino is a very good Canadian casino, it has all the criteria and specificities of a quality casino and has its place among the greats.